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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Hack Tool


Hi, welcome to the best spot for a Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare hack tool! Our tools are designed to allow you to do everything any advanced trainer could do for you. Our hacks include speed mods, jump mods, ammo mods, and much more. You can even use our hack tools online! We have designed a sophisticated program that allows you to use it here on our site. All of our Infinite Warfare cheats go through very rigorous and stringent testing before we release them for use. With some help from our beta testers, we are able to try out all of our cheats on hundreds of accounts before they are released for public use. This ensures that we are aware of any security flaws or broken features someone might encounter. Even with testing though, because of the nature of some of our hacks and mods, we recommend you only play with people you trust and avoid using some of the more obvious ones online. In following those steps, we guarantee you the hack tool that you’ll find on our site is the best quality available on the internet as of right now.

Infinite Warfare Hack Tool

Our group has spent lots of time not just coding and developing hacks for COD: Infinite Warfare, they have also spent a lot of time playing the game as well. Our team is very passionate about the Call of Duty franchise. We spend almost every second of free time we have playing in game. This type of bond with the game is important for the developers. It allows our team the insight into what mods are popular for the game and allows us to focus our time in developing efficiently.
Some of the mods in the Infinite Warfare hack tool include: invincibility, super jumping, unlimited clip/no reload, super speed, and auto aim. Some players might think that using tools like the one we have here is considered cheating, but we believe that responsible users can take advantage of the mods we have created for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare to expand on the games play-ability. When used in custom game setups, we have also added a feature that allows the player to extend the hack’s effect to other players in the match. This in turn allows players to create new and custom games to life! Our main goal in developing our website was to allow the player to have more freedom in game.

A major concern for most gamers in the gaming community is the risk of being banned for using mods in-game. This is a very valid concern, and is taken seriously because it bans in most popular games for modders is nothing new. That is why it is important to follow the few recommendations we have for anyone making use of our tools. The first rule is to make sure you’re not using things like infinite ammo or super speed online unless you’re in a custom game. The second rule is if you do choose to use our hack tools in a ranked game, do so with extreme caution, and remember that other players will get very upset if they think you’re cheating them.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Hack Tool Features
Platforms Xbox One PlayStation 4 Microsoft Windows
Prestige Change 0 [Reset] 1-10 11 [Blank]
Mods Aimbot Wall hack Speed hack
Latest Versions v1.1 v1.2 v1.201


Our service is completely free and you will never be charged a single cent to use our hacks.



Since our hack is based online, we host it on our own private server. It remains 100% undetectable.


The brand new hacker works entirely online. No download is required to apply your mods.



With the latest update, we have integrated a User-Friendly interface for the best experience.

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