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About The Team


First, thanks for checking out or site! Our goal was to create a set of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare hack tools that work better than any other mod out there. We have included speed mods, infinite armor mods, unlimited ammo mods, and much more. The best thing about our site is all of our mods are usable online! Our Call of Duty hack tools are based around a very clever set of programs that all run online. This allows many more people access to our tools than before. Because most hack tools and trainer mods are a pain to install and get running, we made it a priority to get these online. We accomplished all of our goals with the release of COD: Infinite Warfare hack tools. Everyone on the team has helped put thousands of accumulative hours in coding and testing out all of the features on the site. We have all spent several months working on this project, and hope the ease of use that comes with projects like these will encourage more people to move in towards the modding community. This is also why we keep all our tools free for use! We find pride in developing hack tools like the ones we have built for COD: Infinite Warfare, and as the game is released, we hope to move forward and add more hack tools for the game. Our whole team hopes everyone is able to get the most out of our tools at, and good luck!